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Macula Degeneration

Macula degeneration (AMD) is a condition that affects the central part of the vision. The part we use to look at things directly. It can occur gradually (dry type) or suddenly (wet type). Key facts: Mainly affects people over 60, but can occur sooner. Most common cause of sight loss in the developed world 600,000 people affected in the UK Half of these are registered as sight impaired Risk factors: Age – Over 60s at […]


A cataract is cause by a change in the structure of the natural lens Key facts: Start developing in people as they get older Can occur at birth, due to drugs or trauma (less common) Age related cataract are very common Stops the light from reaching the back of the eye and affects vision They develop over many years Requires surgery to remove and replace the affected lens. Risk factors: Age - Over 60s at greater risk. [...]


Diabetes is a disease of the small blood vessels found all over the body. Key facts: Two main types; type 1 and type 2 Untreated diabetes can damage your organs Symptoms include: feeling thirsty, peeing more than usual, feeling tired regularly. 1 in 16 people have diabetes in the UK, and this is rising. Can cause serious long-term health problems. Risk factors: Age - Over 60s at greater risk Smoking - Can occur at an earlier [...]


Glaucoma is a family of diseases, which causes retinal nerve death. There is no accepted definition of Glaucoma due to the different aspect of the disease. Factors which cause or contribute to Glaucoma are varied. One factor that has a very strong link to the progression of Glaucoma is Interocular Pressure (IOP). An increase in IOP is thought to cause damage to the retinal nerves at the Optic nerve head, leading to Glaucoma, this is […]

Eye Conditions

Most people value their vision over any other sense. About 80% of all the information from the world around us comes through our eyes so loosing it would impact our lives greatly. Unlike a toothache, problems in the eyes can go undetected and it can sometimes be too late to make things better. The sensitive nerves in the retina are made of the same stuff as brain cells. Once you loose them , they don't [...]
Eyecare Services

Childrens Eye Care

How would you know if your child had a vision problem? Children are not always able to communicate if they cannot see colours properly or if one eye is weaker than the other. Or even if they find it difficult to read due to their vision. Some of these problems can have an adverse effect on their schooling and even their choice of profession later in life. The good news is that all of these […]

NHS Entitlement

NHS funded sight tests are available for the groups below. NHS contributions to spectacles are subject to receiving certain benefits. If you are on low income and are not in receipt of the benefits below, you can come to the practice and pick up a HC form to fill and send. 1. Aged 60 or over 2. Aged under 16 3. Aged 16,17 or 18 in full time education 4. Diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma […]

Watery Eyes

Watery Eyes Tear over-secretion is usually caused by irritation or inflammation of the surface of the eye. This can occur for a number of reasons, including eyelash and eyelid problems or allergies. Oddly, a dry eye problem can sometimes cause watery eyes, because the eye produces excess tears to combat the irritation and dryness.

Tear Film Clinic

The tear film clinic covers all tear film abnormalities from dry eyes to watery eyes. We take referrals from local GPs in the areas of Northolt, Greenford, Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow and further afield. Tear film abnormalities can cause a number of problems from dry eyes (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) to watery eyes (epiphora). The causes are multifactorial. The following are some factors that can cause or contribute towards dry eyes: Medication Smoking Hormones Dietary deficiency Dry/ dusty […]

Eye Examinations

Standard eye examination: Current eye symptoms you are experiencing that may be a cause for concern Previous eye symptoms you have experienced in the past that may be a cause for concern Medication you are currently taking Health conditions you have that may interfere with your vision Family health history you may have that may affect your vision How well you see without glasses How well you see with glasses The power of the glasses […]