Best Varifocal Lenses for Glasses | German Design

Best Varifocal Lenses for Glasses. Oldfields Opticians has partnered with Specsfactory, a German lens company and can now offer varifocals made with the utmost precision and quality. They are so confident you will find these varifocals to be just right for you that they offer a money back guarantee! You therefore have the opportunity to try these varifocals risk free.

Best Varifocal Lenses for Glasses


STEINER is a well-known German company in optics: which has been producing world-class optical lenses so functional, robust, and accurate for over 70 years now. Primarily used for all sorts of outdoor activities as well as for military use with their research, development and production site in Bayreuth, Germany!

STEINER-Vision for the Best Varifocal Lenses for Glasses

STEINER-VISION is extremely precise and innovative whilst producing lenses, making every defining moment that is captured, indescribably clear and flawless. You as a specsfactory customer, can also experience this quality for only £259 instead of £786.


The best varifocal Lenses for glasses come with the following package:

  • Innovative STEINER-Vision varifocals made out of lightweight synthetic material (CR39, Index 1.5)
  • Incl. Anti-glare, scratch-resistance and clean coating
  • Incl. 1-year insurance1 against breakage and changes in prescription
  • Free Eye Test
  • Tailor-made varifocals with brilliant accuracy in all fields of vision
  • A frame from the specsfactory Gino Vega collection
  • Customers have a 12 weeks Money Back Guarantee

Bear in mind you have a good 3 months to give them a go. We normally recommend 1-2 months of constant use to get used to them if its the first time you are wearing varifocals. So, its time you gave them a go.

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And For A Limited Time Only STEINER-Vision Flat Rate

The best varifocal lenses for glasses can be bought with with further advantages for those who have higher power or need colour changing lenses.

High-End varifocals from the well-known brand STEINER-Vision for only £399
Includes a frame from any of the specsfactory collections
Higher indices up to 1.67 included!
All treatments included even H2 and Iblue coatings
Polarisation or tinting or PhotoVision up to 85% 
Eye Test
1 year insurance

We don’t know how long these amazing varifocals will be available to you at this price, being the best varifocal lenses for glasses with all the benefits above. Due to this, we recommend you take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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