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Best contact lenses for dry eyes

Best contact lenses for dry eyes. Contact lenses are very popular and are used by a large variety of people , either to correct astigmatism or just for the sake of changing your eye color (Which i’m sure everybody has thought about?) In this day and age, digital devices are very popular. However, this can cause your eyes to become more dry which can cause irritation and redness. The reason  why our eyes become dry and irritated […]

What is Microblepharo exfoliation?

Blepharitis is a very common condition in which the eyelids become inflamed, the symptoms of blepharitis are very similar to those of  dry eye which can be extremely  uncomfortable and you can get you eye lid and eye-lash slightly crusty that look quite similar to dandruff.there are two main causes of blepharitis the first one is is infection a lot of people have bacteria on the skin around the right around their eyelashes if we […]