Eye Care After Refractive Eye Surgery

Eye care after refractive eye surgery is of paramount importance. You have just spent thousands for laser vision correction or natural lens replacement and you want to make sure your eyes remain as healthy as can be.

All Ophthalmologists in the refractive surgery industry will agree that looking after your eyes after refractive surgery is important. You would have been given the option of returning to the same clinic where you had surgery. These examinations can cost between £150 to £250 and involves going into Central London locations. If a dilation is required then get home on the train is not a pleasant experience.

Did you know you can have a post refractive surgery eye examination at Oldfields Opticians. Our Optometrist has been working in the refractive surgery industry and performs pre and post operative assessments for LASIK, LASEK and lens replacement patients. He works with leading Ophthalmologists in this field and is able to provide you with a refractive surgery specific examination.

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Join our eyeplan for only £7.00 a month and look after your precious sight after eye surgery. You eye examination will include extra checks not part of the standard eye examination. Examples include corneal topography which is used to map the surface of the cornea and detect changes after LASIK or LASEK.