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Hearing test Northolt. An area spanning north and south of the A40, Northolt has a good number of surprises within. As an outdoor space, Magdala Hills or Northolt Hills as the locals like to call them, offer amazing views of London. Not too far down the road is Northolt leisure centre which has gone through a refurb. And if you like a tasty bite, there nothing like an English fish and chips from the Codfather on Oldfields Circus.

Hearing is one of our most precious senses, second only to sight. Despite this our hearing goes through a lot over our lifetime. There comes a time when we all need a little help with our hearing.

Almost 9 million people have hearing loss in the UK and Hearing loss rises sharply with age. Hearing loss can cause a feeling of isolation, a loss of confidence and independence. It is important to have your hearing checked regularly in order to pick up early signs. Fortunately there are options available to compensate and the sensory deprivation need not keep you away from doing the things you love.

Signs that may indicate a hearing problem:

Do you often find yourself asking others to repeat what they are sayings?
Do others tell you that you often speak loudly.
Do you often put the volume up when watching TV or do other tell you that you have the volume too high.

Hearing aids are used to amplify and direct hearing to the right part of your ears. Since everyone who has hearing loss is unique, the hearing aid that will benefit you needs to be tuned to the type of hearing help you need.

This means that obtaining a hearing aid is not an off the shelf experience. Your hearing needs to be checked by an audiologist. Specialist equipment is used to do the testing and so the test can take around 20 minutes to complete.

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What does a hearing test Northolt involve?

Amplifon professional audiologist asks you some questions about your hearing and lifestyle
A state of the art hearing test is used to assess your hearing over a range of tones together with word recognition in different scenarios that mimic real life.
Your results are explained to you in plane English
If you do require a hearing aid, you will be given a free demonstration and free trial
You can then decide if is right for you.

There are a number of hearing aids manufacturers available on the market. It can be difficult to know which is the best and that’s where your audiologist come in. They offer the best advice on the right hearing aid manufacturer for you.

The best devices can cost upwards of £3000 and so a home trial is crucial in determining if the device is the right one for you.

It may sound like you are paying a lot for your hearing aids but consider that you will have them for a number of years and that a lot of advanced technology has been used to manufacture them.

That being said the cost is dependant on the level of your hearing loss and so starting prices for those with moderate hearing loss are a lot lower.

For hearing test Northolt: Call us on 02084224466 to book your hearing test or for more information. We are located in Oldfields Circus, UB5 4RR, a quiet residential area where you can get free parking at a choice of 1hr free, 2hrs free or completely free by just walking a bit further (but still closer than walking from the town centre car parks.)

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