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Contact lenses and swimming

Contact Lenses for Swimming

Contact lenses for swimming can be risky. Your soft contact lenses are made of a percentage of water ranging from 40-70 percent depending on the type. This means that they need to remain hydrated to stay soft, maintain their shape and function. The tears in your eyes contribute to this hydration in the contact lenses, when in your eyes. Over night vision correction is also know as orthokeratology. These contact lenses reshape your eyes to […]

Save the Seas with Sustainable Eyewear from the Oceans

The eyewear industry has used all sorts of materials when making spectacles. Metals in the form of Titanium, Nickel, Stainless steel. Plastics in the form of acetates, TR90, Nylon, Acrylics.  Natural materials made with wood, animal horns, and shells. There was a time when sea turtles were harms to obtain their turtleshell and this was stopped around the advent of acetate as an alternative. This is where the classic colour of tortoise shell came from. […]