Tinted Lenses & Sunglasses

If you need to use tinted lenses or sunglasses when driving, it is important to know how dark you are allowed to go to drive safely and legally in the UK.

Filter CodeLight TransmissionDriving
0100 – 80%Day or night driving
180 – 43%Day time driving only
243 – 18%Day time driving only
318 – 8%Day time driving only
45 – 3%Not for driving

Sunglasses are typically category 2-3 with 20 or 25% transmission options. Category 4 tints are used for skiing or high altitude where UV is stronger and there is more reflected glare from snow and ice.

Polarised Lenses

Polarisation works by blocking reflected light that bounces of surfaces like snow, water and wet roads. It therefore reduces glare and is good for those who work/operate in these sorts of situations. You cannot have different grades of tint with polarised lenses and they should be used for driving at night. UV400 is applied to polarised lenses.

Melanin Lenses

This type of tint provides UV400 and 97% of HEV protection using melanin, which is a pigment found in our skins. This is a superior tint with only a few suppliers.

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