About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you find it useful. My name is Salman Siddiqui and I am the Principal Optometrist here at Oldfields Opticians.

We set up this cosy little practice about 6 years ago and have grown fond of the community we have around us.

I qualified in 2003 and have worked in all the different high street Opticians. I have also been providing domiciliary, home visits around London since 2007 and continue to do so.

Currently, I also work at Moorfields Eye Hospital for a day and a half a week, where I am involved in refraction, primary care clinics, urgent care clinics and cataract post-op assessments.

Why have I set-up Oldfields Opticians? I would like to stretch my abilities as an Optometrist and stretch the profession of Optometry by providing services that are more specialised and not available from your average high street opticians.

In this regard, we are able to offer a tear-film clinic in which we can help you treat dry eyes, watery eyes and blepharitis. I see these conditions on a regular basis when working at the hospital.

We also offer a unique new therapy for the prevention & treatment of Diabetic retinopathy. This therapy has the potential to radically change treatment landscape for diabetic eye disease as current treatments are invasive and cause damage to the retina.

If your thinking about laser eye surgery, rest assured we don’t shy away from the latest advances in laser vision correction and can advise you on the procedures available including your suitability.

We don’t mind you feeling the need to be glasses free and stress the importance of regular eye checks on the basis of eye health rather than the need to buy new glasses.

Yes, we can provide contact lenses like every other Opticians but due to our hunger for the latest advances in contact lens technology we can provide you with lens materials that are fantastic for those with dry eyes.


We work with partners in the optical lens field like Specsfactory who are a German lens company and manufacture their own varifocal designs.

They also, market their lenses directly to you, cutting out the middle man. As a result you will receive huge discount off the cost of premium varifocals.

Staff at Oldfields Opticians


Our optical sales adviser, she has a particular interest in coloured contact lenses and can give you advise on these.


Our receptionist who is also responsible for home visits.