Amblyopia Therapy for Children

Amblyopia in Children

Amblyopia Therapy for Children. Amblyopia is a condition that can develop in childhood from the ages of three to five years of age. It is defined as reduced visual acuity that cannot be corrected with glasses and in the absence of any other ocular pathology. ie. eye disease can contribute towards it. The word comes from Greek and means “dullness of vision”

There are three types of amblyopia; Strabismic, refractive and deprivational. Amblyopia is the most common cause of reduced vision in children and young adults.

If your child has been diagnosed with and is being treated for amblyopia using glasses and patching therapy, you may want to help them further with adjunct therapy.

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Amblyopia Therapy for Children in London

We are an independent practice in North West London and I have a background in working in hospital paediatric clinic, dealing with children with amblyopia.

The NHS does a fantastic job of helping children achieve their visual potential when diagnosed with amblyopia. This is done with the use of spectacle correction and patching therapy for the majority of cases. For other it maybe that surgery is required to align the eyes better.

You maybe familiar with the three station route when you visit the clinic with your child. Seeing the Orthoptist , then the Optometrist and then Ophthamologist. Receiving a child after they ahve had drops put into their eyes was not always easy as your child sees another strange face and wonders whether this next person will put more drops in their eyes. And sometimes we have to! Cant play good cop, bad cop there.

I have been looking at ways to optimise amblyopia therapy for some years. We have introduced an approach to therapy that brings into use the latest therapies. There will always be cases which only our Ophthalmology colleagues will need to manage.

Glasses for Amblyopia

Correcting the vision with glasses is always the primary step. But often glasses may not do the best job if the power difference between the eyes is too much. This difference is called anisometropia and it causes your brain to receive two very different sized images. The bigger the difference in the size of the images,the harder it is for your brain to fuse the two images together. This gives you poor binocular vision or 3D vision. This is where we move to a SHAW lens system. This allows the glasses to be made with a rebalancing between the images so that your brain receives images of simiar size. This allows fusion and the working together of the eyes.

Amblyopia Therapy for Children

The amblyopia treatment methods with online activities can be used by any child anywhere. You should speak to the eye care professional who is managing the treatment for your child. Let them know you have starting the online therapy for your child. This will allow them to update your child’s medical notes with this information.

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My Child Has Lazy Eye, will Amblyoplay Help?

The Amblyoplay software used games to stimulate your weaker eye and the brain to help improve the neurological link between the eye and brain. This is done in combination with wearing the best optical correction for your eyes.

We have obtained codes to reduce the cost of Amblyoplay for our patients. As there are three subscription durations; 3, 6 and 12 months.



You will receive through the post the activation and red/green glasses and these take just 3-4 days to arrive.