Sea2See Nimmo Tortoiseshell

Glasses for Large Heads

Glasses for large heads can be more limited in range compared to the more common head sizes. However, you don’t need to feel like there is nothing out there for you and neither do you always need glasses custom made for your face. Here at in Northolt, North West London we stock large/oversized eye glasses suited to those o the large end of the spectrum.

What size glasses should I get if I have a big head?

Larger sized glasses need to have a eye size of 54 and above to sit comfortably on your head. This is an approximate figure as your face shape includes variations in nose width and eye to ear length. This means that you aught to be properly measured up to determine the best fitting glasses frame for you. The last thing you will enjoy is a pair of glasses that sit with the right width on your face but keep slipping down because the side length is not long enough for your head size. It is important for a frame expert to make sure the side length is good for you and the end s can be adjusted. Not all end can be adjusted easily as it depends n the material used to make them.

Who makes glasses for big heads?

There are various designs available in the sizes you may need. There are even sustainable eyewear choices available. Designs from Sea2See, Green Eyewear and Dunlop include oversized frame designs for large heads. We also stock rimless frames made from titanium that fit large heads. Rimless eyewear is unique in that we can alter the lens size and make it more bespoke to your head size.

Sea2See Nimmo Blue

This frame from Sea2See comes in size 57×15 with a side length of 140, making it a good choice if you have a large head.