Handmade Designer Glasses

TAVAT Handmade Eyewear

Handmade designer glasses in Ealing. What is the difference between handmade eyewear and the rest? Could any glasses just do? There are many things you have and use that just do the job, but do you go the extra mile with some things that are more important to you?

Glasses for many is one of those things that is more important than the mobile phone. We wear them on our faces. They are stared at by everyone we meet. Walking around with glasses sitting bent on the face or those with algae green nose pads is a no no. You make an effort to dress presentably, should the same not apply to your eyewear?

TAVAT handmade designer glasses & eyewear

Let us introduce you to our collection of handmade glasses from Italy. Actually, it is an American design. They chose to have their frames handmade in Italy. They understand the unique qualities this brings. Passion in making frames is expressed in the finished article.

TAVAT represents the “Made in Italy” quality and elegance with timeless style, thanks to the brand’s savoir-faire: from the selection of manufacturers to the exclusivity of its collections and high-level personalized relationship with the customer.

TAVAT handmade glasses utilise advanced materials with superior properties to create perfectly functional frames for you that are light and comfortable.

Such materials include surgical stainless steel, acetate and Grilamid TR-90, ensuring durability and a sophisticated aesthetic, while advanced engineering and superb hand craftsmanship guarantee lasting comfort and a superior fit.


Tactile Collection

This timeless collection combines aesthetic elements that are functional. Premium hinge design give a sense of luxury. It is the same as you choosing soft close drawers over  standard ones.

TAVAT offers functional iconic eyewear with real performance benefits for those in search of modernity, excellence and refined elegance and are interested in design, purpose and functionality.

Soupcan Collection | Premium Round Glasses, Sunglasses & Eyewear

TAVAT launches new collection “SoupCan”
A completely different way of looking at eyewear
While TAVAT’s Designer, Norm was visiting a friend in Arizona, who constructs and races planes, he noticed an old poster on a hangar wall, advertising a group of crop sprayers, back in the ‘30s.
They got together on weekends to give air shows, calling themselves “The Flying Burritos”. Seeing their crude goggles, Norm imagined that they were cut out of soup cans and immediately came up with the idea.
After a great deal of study this resulted, not only in a completely new way of making frames, but also a surprisingly original collection meeting the current trends of weight and rounded eyes.
In an era where it’s truly difficult to invent anything new in eyewear, TAVAT is launching the first 4 models: SoupCan – Round and Panto finished in metal, and also in a combination version with acetate eye-rims. These handmade designer glasses & sunglasses are made with great attention to detail by Italian Craftsmen, in Northern Italy.
TAVAT is a young company built on the guiding principles of independence, impeccable quality, and designs that withstand the test of time.
The SoupCans sunglasses are on trend with round styles very much in demand. If you are looking for round sunglasses, then are the ones to have. These handmade designer sunglasses come with the choice of melanin lenses.

Melanin Sunglasses Lenses:

Why are these lenses better for you? Its because they eliminate up-to 98% of the violet-blue light and the associated scattered light, responsible of the haze effect.

Unique Details Found Throughout:

• “Sandwich” Frame Construction
• Ultra Scratched Surface Hand-Finished
• Rimlock Closing with Watch Crown Mechanism
• Hypoallergenic and Comfortable Nose pads
• Enhances your Contrast
• Sharpens your vision of Details
• Protection of your Retina’s Health

TAVAT believes there is only one way to create a true masterpiece for you– by hand. Every frame is made with pride and care by master craftsmen in Italy. The end result is a pair of handmade designer glasses that you will feel proud to wear. A pair of glasses that do justice to your face.

You can find out more about Tavat eyewear from their website.