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Overnight vision correction or orthokeratology is a completely different way of wearing contact lenses. This mode gives the opportunity to non-invasively correct your vision without lasers and is fully reversible.

The theory and technology to do this has been around for decades and is well tested. Only in recent years has there been a resurgence due to its effective use in childhood myopia management. It is considered very safe for children, especially if your child is at risk of developing risk factors associated with myopia or shortsightedness.

We supply Eyedream lens technology which offer high oxygen permeability to safe use overnight. The fitting process, including the first set of lenses costs £250 and then £40 paid by direct debit monthly.

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EyeDream Adult

I’m so glad I got these lenses

Hafsa, Age 14. Wearer for 2 years

Benefits of ortho-k lenses

  • The biggest benefit by far is visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses during the day.
  • If you have a higher prescription then off the shelf sunglasses are now accessible for you.
  • If you like swimming on holiday you can now do this without worrying about eye infections.

Appointment Sequence


Yes, there are a few checkups to get through before you can start enjoying the benefits this mode has to offer. The first step is an initial visit which involves taking detailed topographical scans of the front of your eye. This information is used to design your lenses. We also assess your eyes surface, paying particular attention to any tear-film deficiencies. Dry eyes can preclude you from these lenses but we help you manage your dryness if need be before continuing the process.

Fitting & Teach

The next appointment is the fitting. We check the vision and then teach you how to put them in and out safely. We discuss the wearing schedule.

1st Night Check

The morning after the first night of wear, you will attend the clinic for an assessment. This allows us to make sure the lenses suited your eyes for overnight wear.

1st Week check

At this appointment we are assessing the progress and take measurement to make any further changes if needed. If not then you will be asked to sign up to the direct debit scheme. This sets you up to receive replacement lenses every 3 months, includes solutions, checkups and replacement lenses due to to loss/damage. You will be seen for yearly aftercare as a minimum interval.

The fitting process, including the first set of lenses costs £250 and then £40 paid by direct debit monthly.

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