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Low vision clinic near Ealing, Harrow & Wembley

Low vision clinic near Ealing, Harrow & Wembley. Visual impairment and low vision affects a growing number of people in the community. This is partly due to an aging population and so low vision service are under increasing burden to provide low vision services in the hospital eye service. If you live in and around Ealing, Harrow & Wembley you will be near Ealing and Northwick Park hospitals where branches of Moorfields Eye Hospital exist […]

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Better Mountain Biking

Prescription sunglasses for mountain biking. Mountain biking is great fun and mountain bikes get to be used what they were made for. I remember when I first went mountain biking in the lake district years ago. We took a semi-challenging route so as not to appear completely novice like in the group. That was a gruelling few hours and we got back barely able to walk and covered in mud. I was wearing my glasses […]

Ray Ban prescription glasses in Ealing

Ray Ban prescription glasses in Ealing. Ubiquitous with fashion sunglasses that is good quality and optically well made. Ray-Ban is always popular and fans often build up personal collections of these frames. Their ophthalmic range is also well made and come in a variety of styles and materials. Modern acetate frames are great as they come in a wide array of colours an designs. Ray Ban also do Liteforce which are a much lighter plastic […]

Handmade Designer Glasses

Melanin lenses in London

Melanin lenses in London. What is melanin and why is it so good at protecting us against the harmful effects of UV radiation? Melanin is best known as a skin pigment. It gives us different skin complexions depending on the amount of melanin we have. The less melanin we have the paler the complexion and the more we have the darker the complexion. However, melanin is also made by our bodies in response to UV […]

Macula Degeneration

Macula degeneration (AMD) is a condition that affects the central part of the vision. The part we use to look at things directly. It can occur gradually (dry type) or suddenly (wet type). Key facts: Mainly affects people over 60, but can occur sooner. Most common cause of sight loss in the developed world 600,000 people affected in the UK Half of these are registered as sight impaired Risk factors: Age – Over 60s at […]