Eye Examination

Eye Examinations

Our vision is one of are most treasured senses and one we should be taking extra care in looking after. Conditions affecting the vision can sneak up on us and are not always noticeable until they have a potentially irreversible effect on our vision. Our modern methods of eye testing allow us to use the latest technology to offer you the best eye care possible. We offer three levels of eye care giving you a detailed examination based on your needs. We give you the time and care to look after your eye care needs.


What's included

History & symptoms

Refraction & Prescription

Eye Health Check

Pressure Check (No-puff)

Fields of Vision Check

Contact Lens Suitability

Retinal Photography

OCT Scan Macula & Optic Nerve Head

Tear-film Assessment

OCT Cornea

Corneal Topography

Refractive Surgery Suitability





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