Eye Examination

Eye Examinations

Our vision is one of are most treasured senses and one we should be taking extra care in looking after. Conditions affecting the vision can sneak up on us and are not always noticeable until they have a potentially irreversible effect on our vision. Our modern methods of eye testing allow us to use the latest technology to offer you the best eye care possible. We offer three levels of eye care giving you a detailed examination based on your needs. We give you the time and care to look after your eye care needs.

Your eyes need individual attention and one size does not fit all. We offer a range of eye care services to suit your needs. These services represent the length and breadth of our experience in eye care.

NHS Eye Test

Basic eye test which includes all tests according to NHS England contract.
NHS Funded
Eye Examination

Detailed eye & health history, glasses prescription check, eye health check for diabetes, glaucoma & pressure check.
Comprehensive Eye Examination/OCT Scan

Includes everything in the comprehensive eye examination plus fundus photography, deep scan OCT imaging of the macula and disc. Electronic storage of images. Dilation also included if needed.
Post Laser Refractive Surgery Examination

Everything in the enhanced examination plus corneal topography and dry eye assessment
Contact Lens FEES
An in-date eye test within the last 12 months is required. Eyeplan £9.95 per month covers contact lens fittings and aftercare.
Contact Lens Fitting

Includes 4 elements; initial assessment, teaching insertion & removal,contact lens trial, end of trial check. Also includes additional trials if needed.

Contact Lens Aftercare

Unless you have a problem please ensure you are wearing your lenses when attending for an aftercare visit. Bring your contact lens case & solutions and glasses.

Contact Lens Aftercare (where CLs bought online)

Please bring the prescription used to purchase your lenses. The fee includes additional liability for lenses bought online. An in-date eye test is require
Please attend wearing your lenses unless you have a problem with them. Please bring your glasses, contact lens case and solutions.

Eyedream Lenses / Orthokeratology

Initial assessment includes the measurements required
Initial assessment plus fitting £250
Monthly plan £39.95
A non-invasive alternative to laser vision correction that is reversible. Contact lenses are worn at night to reshape the eye