How to Choose Glasses to Suit Your Face

Choosing glasses to suit your face will make all the difference to your overall look

Did you know that the shape of your face will decide which style of glasses will suit you and also which ones won’t? This handy advice will help you determine which type of glasses compliment your facial features, taking into account your face shape.


If you have an oval face you are likely to have a round chin and a round forehead. In fact all aspects of your face are in proportion with each other. If you were to look in the mirror your face is likely to give the illusion of being longer with your forehead being a slightly wider width in comparison with your jaw line.

For these reasons wider frames will be your perfect choice, but if you are lucky enough to have an oval face, your face will suit all types of frames. Remember to also take into consideration your hair colour and complexion though.


For those with a rectangular face, you are likely to have a long face with a strong jaw line and square chin. A large square frame will give the appearance of a shorter face and the illusion of a more balanced look. A modern style frame is recommended.


Triangular faced people have a broad forehead which tapers down to a narrow chin. A frame that will provide emphasis on the bottom half of your face is required. A frame that is wider at the bottom will help achieve this look. A set of glasses that are rimless, light in colour and material would also work. In other words glasses that are heavy and dark in appearance should be avoided.


Of those that have a square face, you are very likely to also have a strong jaw line accompanied by a broad forehead. A square face is slightly different to a rectangular face because the width and length are in proportion with each other.

The purpose of frames for those with square faces is to soften the angles and ultimately give the appearance of a longer face. A narrow frame will provide depth and will help soften the jaw line and also give the appearance of a longer nose. If you were to consider square shaped frames, you would be gaining the opposite effect and very likely to look out of balance with the rest of your face.


As the name suggests, you have a round face with a round chin and full cheeks. Therefore a frame should make the face appear longer and narrower. The dimensions of your face may be similar but there are no angles to create definition.

A pair of frames that give the illusion of a long face will draw emphasis to the eyes and provide definition to your face. If you’re not sure what face shape you are or which frames will suit you call into Chapman Opticians and one of our qualified staff will talk you through your best options. And of course the surest way to see what suits you is to try the glasses on. So now you know how to choose glasses to suit your face.