Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes in Ealing

Best contact lenses for dry eyes in Ealing. Contact lenses are very popular and are used by a large variety of people , either to correct astigmatism or just for the sake of changing your eye color (Which i’m sure everybody has thought about?)

In this day and age, digital devices are very popular. However, this can cause your eyes to become more dry which can cause irritation and redness.

The reason  why our eyes become dry and irritated is because we allow our eyes to strain by staring at the device for a long time, this results in our eyes becoming dry.  

Thankfully, companies  have manufactured contact lenses that can reduce the feeling of dryness but first you have to understand a little about dry eye!

What is dry eye?

keratoconjunctivitis sicca or commonly know as ” dry eye” is a very common condition that can happen to anyone at any age. This would normally happen when your eye doesn’t produce enough tear to keep your eyes moist or the tear evaporates to quickly, which results in eyes drying out and becoming red and irritable

How to prevent dry eyes? 

Caring for your eyes is very important, in order to keep them healthy you must have a good diet.

Keeping your eyes and eyelids clean and protecting them from dust, smoke, wind and many other factors that could harm your eyes and cause them to become dry. 

Causes of dry eye:

Hormonal changes could lead to dry eye.

dehydration .

Screen use/ long periods of concentrated,and  insufficient blinking

being around an air conditioner

Windy, smoky, or dry environments increase tear evaporation.

the contraceptive pill

other drugs ( antihistamines/ antidepressants/ beta-blockers/ diuretics)

(Allergies)Seasonal allergies can contribute to dry eye such as “hayfever”

or Any type of previous eye trauma

Certain eye conditions

Advancing age is a risk factor for declines in tear production. Dry eye is more common in people age 50 years or older..

Laser eye surgery may cause temporary dry eye symptoms.

To prevent dry eye:

Using your computer or laptop correctly to avoid eye strain, keeping arms length from the screen.

Using a humidifier to moisten the air or use eye drops to lubricate the eye.
Having a healthy diet that includes omega-3 and omega-7 oils which keeps the eyes moist and protects it.

Use artificial tears. Artificial tears are available without a prescription and are available online .

Give your eyes a rest or use a warm compress and eyelid massager

Avoid smoking.

Who is most likely to use contact lenses? 

Contact lenses are used by many people for correcting astigmatism and eye related disease.

people generally wear contact lenses to:

Prevent breaking their glasses,

Feel comfortable

Active sport

at social events, weddings, going out.

Best contact lenses for dry eyes.

Contact lenses come in either “monthly disposable ” or “daily disposable ”  which could be disposed the same day or used through the month. Contact lenses are generally made from Hydrogel lenses typically keep the lenses and eye moist, which protected your eye and avoids the sensation of dry eye. However, silicon based lenses mostly focus on absorbing the oxygen in the atmosphere for the eye. Most lenses are typically worn between 8-12 hours. Monthly contact lenses should be taken good care of and cleaned after every use for one month this prevent any infection or bacteria spreading around. However, daily contacts lenses can be disposed of the same day.

Before purchasing your contact lenses you’ll have to go for an contact lens exam and fitting and the optometrist will see what type of  contact lens is best for you and your eye to optimise the most comfort for you eyes.

Everyones eyes meet different needs, a person struggling with a particular brand for their contact lenses might find it easier with another brand, so it all depends on you and your eye needs.

Having dry eye syndrome is a very common problem amongst contact lens wearers and non contact wearers

Best contact lenses for dry eyes: 

Bausch + Lomb Ultra. These silicon hydrogel contact lens feature MoistureSeal technology that provides  you with maxumuim comfort and vision all day.  Moisture Seal technology contact lenses allowed lenses to optomise moisture for up to 16 hours, the company says. The lenses also are backed with a patient satisfaction guarantee so : If you are not satisfied with their product for any reason, simply return any unopened boxes within 90 days and Bausch + Lomb will provide a full refund.

 ACUVUE® MOIST contact lenses creates a cushion of moisture that lasts all day. This, combined with our flexible material technology ensures the contact lenses fit comfortably to your eyes and keeps them in their natural state. Dual-action technology: LACREON® Technology helps keep moisture in, and keeps irritation out, resulting in all-day comfort. The contact lenses has UV protect to help protect your eyes from any harmful sun rays and reduces UV exposure.Packing is very convenient for a lot of users the lenses can either come in 10,30,90, and 180

 Dailies Total / Air Optix contact lenses

Dailies Total are daily disposable contact lenses. As a water gradient lens, they offer maximum amount of comfort that remains at a consistently high level for the entire day without any irritation. The surface of the lens has a water content of nearly 80%, and this keeps the eye moister to an optimum level to insure a high amount of hydration to your eye.

The smooth surface of the contact lenses helps to reduce friction between your eyelid and eye for up to 16 hours after putting your lenses in. This advanced design and high water content means that oxygen can flow freely through the lens and to your eyes for a healthy look and feel.

Five main points for dailies total :

  • Water gradient lenses provide plenty of moisture for your eyes to optimse maximum amount of comfort
  • Daily disposable lenses that are super convenient especially when your on the go, and to ensure the highest level of hygiene.
  • Ultra smooth surface reduces friction when blinking and makes application easy.
  • Up to 16 hours of comfortable wear per day.
  • Exceptionally breathable lenses that keep your eyes looking and feeling healthy.

Biotrue ONEday contact lenses from Baush and Lomb are made from high-performance HyperGel material, which not only traps moister and prevents your eyes from being dry all day but has a 100% guarantees of very high water content and maximum oxygen permeability to ensure your eyes and healthy all day. They are also equipped with UV filters which will protect your precious pearls from the sun rays.The contact lenses are supplied in a pack of 30 lenses(1 month) .

A few things you should stick too and keep in mind!!

does what you eat matter?

YES! Eating well is one of the best ways to care for your eyes, particularly if you aim to get a lot of nutrients into your food. Eating vitamins instead of taking them can help to improve eye health

Can smoking cause dry eye?

OF COURSE!!! The best way to reduce dry eyes and other eye problems is to cut out smoking. When you smoke, the dangerous chemicals can get into your blood stream and damage your eyes, placing you at higher risk of problems like dry eyes and not only dry eye but cataracts!! to find out more about cataracts and what that is click here 🙂

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