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Childhood Myopia

Childhood myopia treatment

Childhood myopia treatment is being looked at more and more closely by parents. The rate of childhood myopia is increasing to epidemic levels in some countries and researchers are working hard to look for solutions. There have been a number of ideas over the years that suggest the worsening of myopia in children is down to prolonged close work, reading in the dark or using digital devices. There are a number of other theories but […]

How to Treat Dry Eye | Lubricant drops & Artificial tears

Lubricant drops & Artificial tears. Ocular lubricant drops, also known as artificial tears are the most common form of dry eye control. They work in their simplest form by increasing the tear layer and creating a barrier between the lids and the eye surface. There are many types of lubricating drops available. What sets them apart is in the way they work in addition to the tear volume described above. Additional components work to mimic […]