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Eye Tests After Laser Eye Surgery

Laser vision correction is a credible option for vision correction amongst the more common options of glasses and contact lenses. Eye tests after laser eye surgery should not be overlooked. For some eye surgery brings goosebumps and for others its an obvious choice. Whether you decide to go for laser eye surgery or not is your choice. Here at Oldfields Opticians, our Optometrist is experienced in post operative care following cataract surgery, lens replacement surgery, […]

Private Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment London

Private diabetic retinopathy treatment London. If you are looking for private diabetic retinopathy treatment, you need to known about a new technology available that is changing the options available for diabetic eye disease sufferers.   What are the four stages of diabetic retinopathy? Background Diabetic Retinopathy : Microscopic leaks of blood are visible on the back of your eyes. Your vision is unaffected Pre-proliferative Diabeteic Retinopathy : leaking of blood in the retina becomes widespread […]

25 Ways to Treat Dry Eyes

Ways to treat dry eyes. A growing problem in this modern age, the feeling of walking around with a stone in your shoe everyday is not pleasant. Neither is the eyelash in your feels that can come with dry eye disease. Depending on the underlying cause of your dry eyes, there are a number of options available to you in treating them. Not all options are suitable for all as there are different types of […]

Hearing Test Greenford

Hearing test Greenford. Located in the north part of borough of Ealing, split by the A40. Greenford green with its West Way Retail Park providing the likes of Next, TK Max and Hobby Craft has a mixed population. Young and old and from all types of cultures. When visiting Greenford high street, you are welcomed by the scents of fresh fruit and veg from VB & Sons. The noise however can feel overwhelming if you […]

Hearing Test Northolt

Hearing test Northolt. An area spanning north and south of the A40, Northolt has a good number of surprises within. As an outdoor space, Magdala Hills or Northolt Hills as the locals like to call them, offer amazing views of London. Not too far down the road is Northolt leisure centre which has gone through a refurb. And if you like a tasty bite, there nothing like an English fish and chips from the Codfather […]